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You spend your day sitting.
Make sure it's on something

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Modern Interior

A comfortable employee is a productive employee.  Your office furniture is almost as important as the work you do - make sure you have the right equipment for the job.

Loft Apartment Interior
Vintage Cafe

Upgrade your corporate image with our customizable range of elegant sofas and armchairs.

Upmarket and elegant or down-to-earth and funky?  Let the personality of your restaurant, cafe or canteen shine through.

office space
In the Classroom

Make both teachers and learners feel at home in the classroom with our range of school furniture.

Outdoor Chairs

Dealing with the masses?  Give them somewhere to sit.

Uncomfortable seating detracts from the conference experience…  Luckily your venue has great chairs!

Airport Waiting Area
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Simple solutions for creating pockets of privacy inside your office.

At home, at the office or in a public space, it’s always great to settle down in something comfortable to bask in the great blue expanses of the beautiful African sky.

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